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Fear Not is a collection of lighting devices that put a spotlight on fears and are inspired by three most common fears in daily life — Fear of Death, Fear of Loneliness and Fear of Unknown. Fear is a disease of the modern age. Everyone has fears, yet the most common ones are always being neglected and not aware as most people find them to be minor. However, fears can also bring benefits that guide us in decision making, to make us focus better and create a sense of arousal by taking risks.


Thus, it worths to shine a light on fears.

For a moment, death can look like freedom. But then it’s still death. It is anything, something or nothing. Nothing lasts forever and everything has an end. We all only live once and once you are dead, there is no going back. 



Death is always near by.
Seize the day,

but not fearing everyday.

6 of Crows is a floor lamp that is designed to bring out the message that death is always around us, it reminds people to make the most of the day and live for the moment since everything has an end.


The floor lamp is made up of a bird cage with six black eggs standing vertically. The black coloured eggs symbolise the eggs of crows and the bird cage is a metaphor of a prison. Since it is believed that crows are spiritual animals, six crows symbolising the omen of the death. Therefore, when six crows are confined in a closed space, it symbolises death is not about freedom and is always nearby.  

Yet, it is still a safe glimpse as six crows are still in the eggs before hatching. Once the lamp is switched on, the six black crows eggs will light up to chase the death away. 


So, seize the day but not fearing every day.

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