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"Break a Leg"

Table Lamp


"Break a Leg" is a lighting device that puts a spotlight on superstition — a disease of the modern age. It is a table lamp that expresses superstition in an ironic way.


The inspiration comes from the expression — break a leg which reflects a theatrical superstition in which wishing a person “good luck” is considered bad luck. Thus, “break a leg”, by this logic will be a wish for good luck.

A Whole New User Experience


"Break a Leg" explores an alternative way of light switching. By simply bending the leg of the table lamp, the lampshade turns from reflective to translucent, glowing gently through its naked bulb encapsulated in a transparent tube.


​At the first glimpse, the leg seems to be broken which looks like to be a sign of bad luck. Yet, it symbolizes the opposite, just as the theatrical superstition “break a leg”. It will grant you good luck if you believe it. 


"Break a Leg" is a good luck charm that provides ambient lighting to your space. It can be a perfect gift for your friends and family and placed at any corner of the room for luck.

+ Material: One-way mirror acrylic, powder-coated aluminium

+ Colour: Black

Personal Project

Year: 2017

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