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Double Ring Pet Bowl

Pet Bowl

Personal Project

Hand-thrown in Hong Kong

Year: 2020

No more crouching or hunching.

Double Ring Pet Bowl is a slow feeding footed pet bowl, ergonomically designed for cats or small pets. The bowl is divided into two narrow circular compartments that aim to prolong the mealtime of the pets to prevent ingestion. The base of the pet bowl elevates the bowl on top, allowing small pets to eat and drink at a more comfortable and relaxed level. 

Hand-thrown precisely in 2 parts, the feeding bowl fits perfectly onto the base, allowing the feeding bowl to be adjusted at a tilted angle for pets to gobble down every morsel in the bowl.

The bowl and the base are nicely glazed with earth tone colours and fit perfectly together, just like a snowy mountain top poking through layers of clouds. 

+ Material: Stoneware

+ Colour: Glazed with deep grey blue, white speckles on top

Cloud Nine Bowl-2_ps.jpg
Ceramics 2020-17.jpg

Elevated and Tilted at a comfortable angle

Ceramics 2020-14_1.jpg
Ceramics 2020-9_1.jpg
Cloud Nine Bowl-6_ps_c.jpg
Cloud Nine Bowl-3_ps.jpg
Cloud Nine Bowl-4_ps.jpg
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