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Go Cup

Reusable Takeaway Cup


Go Cup is a light and handy reusable beverage cup designed to promote the habit of "bring your own cup". ​It has a small compartment on top for placing sugar packets, two little hooks on both sides for elastic band to wrap across for securing the sugar packets, a small stirrer and a heat resistant sleeve. It can hold up to 12oz / 355ml liquid.

It can also be disassembled into 4 individual pieces, allowing mix and match for colour customisation and making the cleaning easier. It is a all-in-one takeaway cup that aims to minimize the over consumption of cups, lids, stirrers, straws, sleeves or plastic bags.

Go Cup is designed to support a campaign initiated by Smiley Planet in collaboration and with full support from Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation in Autumn 2016. It aims to promote the habit of bring your own cup in Hong Kong and to raise the awareness of the overuse of disposable cups. They invite food and beverage outlets and event organisers to get involved, making it easier for everyone to Go Cup by offering cup lending service.

+ Material: PP, TPU

+ Colours: Slate, taupe, green, yellow, blue

Client: Smiley Planet, Hong Kong

Sponsor: Standard Chartered 150th Anniversary Community Foundation

Credits: Ko Chun, Brian Lee

Year: 2016

Ceramics 2020-119.jpg
Ceramics 2020-125.jpg
Ceramics 2020-124.jpg
Ceramics 2020-123-ps.jpg
Ceramics 2020-127_ps.jpg
Ceramics 2020-126-sq.jpg
Ceramics 2020-130.jpg
Ceramics 2020-129.jpg
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