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Mirage Table

Coffee Table

At: Studio Ryte, Hong Kong

Year: 2018

When ceramic marries plywood.

Inspired by mirage, an optical phenomenon that usually happens in the desert, by which the image of some object appears to be displaced of its true position, leading people to look at and wonder about it.


Mirage Table is a hybrid coffee table that fuses a ceramic tray into the tabletop. The 3mm thin ceramic tray merge itself perfectly into the solid Ash wood, making it appear to be ultra sleek and thin. The ceramic tray is detachable and can be carried around for food, drinks or snacks from the kitchen. The pop of pastel colour highlights the rim of the tray, uplifting the whole environment.

+ Material: Birch Plywood, Solid Ash Wood, Ceramic Plate

+ Colour: Pastel blue / Pastel pink


Thin and sleek

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