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Rattan Table

Coffee table


When traditional refinement meets clean,

contemporary lines. 

Made of natural weaved rattan and solid ash, the delicate repetitive pattern creates a sense of transparency and lightness, allowing the material’s strength and neat appearance to shine forth in a simple design. It could be used to store magazines, toys, cushion or other daily items underneath the tabletop while keeping it accessible at all times. 


The rattan cover can be separated and used as a tray to carry light snacks from the kitchen to the living room or garden where the table is placed. Classic materials and modern design fuse together create a sense of edgy elegance. The Rattan Table will be a contemporary centrepiece with a hint of retro that adds texture to your living room.

At: Studio Ryte, Hong Kong

Year: 2019

+ Material: Solid Ash Wood, Bent Birch Plywood, Rattan Weave

+ Colour: Light Grey / Navy Blue


Rattan Basket

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