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Shelves Up


Simple, Sturdy, Sleek.

Shelves Up features clean lines in a solid construction. Each level of the shelf is comprised of a pair of folded steel sheets, which can be interchanged and configured with different levels to fit various functions. Its reduced silhouette is achieved by hiding all the joints between the sleek steel plates and the light-weight wooden frames. It is easy to assemble and can be knocked down into a flat packaging for easy transport and delivery.


The play of structure creates an intriguing contrast between industrial and natural; light and heavy. It can be used as a room divider or against a wall, meeting the needs of those who crave for an essential design and a minimal presence in the room.

+ Material: Solid Beech, powder-coated steel

+ Colour: Grey / Green

At: Studio Ryte, Hong Kong

Year: 2019

Structurally Folded 

shelves up_green_1_ps.jpg
shelves up_gray_sunlight_1_portrait2.png


Each Level
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