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Stools Up

Bench / Stool

A stool that you will never get tired of.

Stools Up is playful and ergonomic to sit on even in its simplest and thinnest form. Similar to Shelves Up, it features clean lines in a solid construction. Half of the surface pair is slightly tilted, creating a forward sloping seat that reduces the stress on your lower back and avoids bending the back. It prompts for a change of posture from time to time between perching and sitting, keeping us engaged and refreshed, thus boosting your creativity.


The open rack beneath is easy to access, where you can place your bags, shoes or other daily items that you would like to keep them away from the floor. It is cut with geometric yet dynamic shapes that allows air to flow and adds a touch of lightness to the stool. Designed to be flat packed, it is an ideal companion to Shelves Up.

+ Material: Solid Beech, powder-coated steel

+ Colour: Grey / Green

At: Studio Ryte, Hong Kong

Year: 2019





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