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Zen Table

Coffee Table

Meditation table in the 20th Century.

Inspired by Japanese Zen garden, the repetitive grooves create a pleasing yet meditating texture with the plywood top, revealing a unique pattern of wood veneers.

The geometric waved surface is carefully milled, resembling the swirling sand patterns in the zen gardens. It also acts as a guiding track where you can sprinkle your daily items in an organised form. The speckled drink coasters are exclusively made to slide smoothly along the grooves, imitating the meditating gesture of raking sand.

Zen Table is an interactive yet soothing table that brings calmness and peacefulness, as well as adding a contemporary touch to any spaces.

+ Material: Birch Plywood, Powder-coated steel, Corian

+ Pattern: Linear / Circular

At: Studio Ryte, Hong Kong

Year: 2018

Zen Table_sm-21.jpg

Linear & Circular Pattern 

Zen Table_sm-20_ps.jpg

Heat & Stain Resistant Drink Coaster

Zen Table_sm-2_ps.jpg
Zen Table_sm-64.jpg
Zen Table_sm-16.jpg
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